12 week transformational 1:1 Mentorship 

Are you ready to Claim Your Unique Path To Greater Freedom, Fulfillment And Purpose?


 Reclaim your power back

Breakthrough your limiting beliefs

Magnetize your desires


Embody Your
Highest Potential

A tailored & fully supported journey of self-discovery, self-healing & self-empowerment.

Hello my Love,

How many times are you going to keep blaming yourself for not being good enough or feeling stuck in life?


Are you ready to break free from this cycle, for good?

Whenever we feel this way, it is a massive sign from the Universe to start working on ourselves and transcend all possible blockages that restrict us from living our most Divine and Purposeful Life.

I love seeing this expansive window coming to you right now as you read these words.

And I am truly excited for you.

The Healing Process begins here and now. You’ve come to this planet to live life unapologetically, free from all painful conditioning and full of excitement, surprises and Love.

You have a unique template…

and a unique way of manifesting your destiny.

IMAGINE a map was given to you at birth, which saves you from undesirable experiences and leads you to your True Nature – in authentic alignment with your Soul.

This is a 12 week 1:1 deep transformational coaching journey for you to transcend any limitations and magnetize your full potential.

Are you trying to operate under someone else’s rules for success, when you should be living by your own?

You were designed to use and move your energy, interact with the world and connect with your inner guidance system.

What’s included?

1:1 Connection

10 weekly live calls to provoke change and breakthrough limitations. You can expect Kundalini Activations, Human Design teachings and Intuitive Coaching.

Your Own Embodiment practice

A 12 week personalized Kundalini activation, breathwork and/or meditation practice to activate your own path of inspired and aligned living.

On Purpose & Empowered Program

My signature program with homework, prompts and specific tasks to reflect and work on. This is where you keep working on your own in life to integrate the work we do together

Voxer Support

To ask, sound board or word-dump between sessions

Through This Journey, You Will…

Have complete confidence in your decision making process

Have your own personalized practice to work on connecting with your highest Truth

Have a comprehensive guide to navigate life that it is fully aligned for you

Spot limiting beliefs, patterns, fears and stories that stop you from living your most authentic freedom

Empower yourself by working on your own healing process

Become your own Guru

Get to know how your energy and auric field works and gets affected by other people

Leverage your inner gifts & strengths to be able to take action

“My biggest takeaways from being mentored by Sofia is embodying the information I learned about Human Design and using it to empower myself and others on a daily basis. Sofia is very attentive in and between sessions and ready to support and answer questions that I might have through the journey. The challenge I faced was my own willpower to do the kundalini kriyas in the beginning but after some time, I really feel good and it’s within my daily practice. I achieved the results that I was looking for, which is to live my life in alignment with who I am designed to be. I 100% recommend Sofia to anyone who is looking for similar results”

Tsamara Fahrana, Human Design Coach, 2/4 Sacral Generator

mentoring with Sofia was one of the best investments I ever did in myself. I could finally accept the part of me, which was never good enough for me achievement-oriented me. I finally really understood that there is no empowered me without a ‘not good enough me’ just like there is no light without darkness. 

Through the mentoring I was  able to express myself again, I started to share my truth, my authentic truth with the world and to believe in my gift. 


Through Sofia’s help I could change an old believe and change it to another perspective. Knowing more about my human design type helps me soo much to understand myself, my reactions, my patterns better. I realize way faster now what gives me energy, what takes me energy and when it’s time to let go. 


Through the coaching I even realized when the symptoms of my autoimmune disease gets worst and why and what I have to change in my daily routine to get rid of them again. 


I really connected with Sofia from the heart, she is the most emphatic, loving, kind coach/mentor/healer/lightworker I have ever worked with. She gave me the feeling I can trust here completely, tell her my deepest fears, make myself completely vulnerable because she gave me the space for it. The compassion. The understanding. Without ever judging. 

What challenged me as a manifesting generator the most, was the Kundalini Sadana. I really didn’t like it at the beginning. It was stressing me. Taking too much time. But I learned through it to be my own coach, my own guru, to listen more to my intuition and just do those exercises what I needed in the moment. 

I had a lot of goals, I didn’t achieve them all, but I achieved the most important ones 😊 I can highly recommend this mentorship! 

Sofia really cares over the ‘normal coaching relationship’ I really felt seen, heard and supported and I still do

Julia Sirk, 6/2 Emotional Manifesting Generator

Activate your soul

Recognize and Embody your Full Potential

What is included in this Transformational Journey:

♦ 10 1:1 Calls
♦ Kundalini Yoga Activations
♦ Human Design Mentoring
♦ Your own customized 45 day Breathwork and Meditation practice
♦ Self Healing Energy Techniques
♦ Weekly Tasks & Journalying
♦ Weekly Meditations and Follow Ups
♦ Support via Voxer

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