A Transformative Activation

There is a powerful Transformation when the Subconscious meets the Conscious Realm. I had the biggest Awakening during my first Bodywork Session. When all the pieces starting to assemble together I understood the Power of Energetically Healing the Body through this transformational process.

During a Soul Activation Bodywork session you will be deeply connected to memories and pain you hide in your physical body. These are nothing but energetic blockages that need to be released. My intention is to take people into a Real Journey of their Souls so I can feel and sense what needs to be released from your Subconscious.

This is a 2 hours Transformative Experience

You will be guided on a healing journey that involves a Deep Activation, Guided Meditation, Connection with Higher Dimensional Beings, Breathework and Music. To reconnect back with your soul as you fully surrender and trust the process.

What will you experience?

  • A deeper connection to yourself on a higher energetic and spiritual level
  • Memories and blockages release that have been keeping you stuck from following your true potential
  • How to intuitively read your own energy and rebalance
  • Realigning with your higher self
  • Reconnecting with Your Heart, the unity source to develop self love, compassion, self acceptance and self worthiness.

This is for you if:

You have lost direction in life and deeply know that there is a higher and universal purpose
You’re looking to connect with your emotional, spiritual, physical, mental and energetic bodies
You are willing to transform your life and feel called to be supported and guided on the journey
You are afraid to make the leap but you are craving to become the best version of yourself
You are living outside your heart and feel super excited to call into your spiritual guides and your inner healer
You are ready to learn more deeply about yourself and assume the transformative consequences that i could take -just because i want to see you glow!

Why I am here:

I am here to empower people to step into their full potential
 I help you release conditioning that keeps you living in fear
 I guide your way into your heart
 I offer tools so you can remember your way back to your heart
♥ I connect people with their inner healer
 I offer emotional support and I hold space to create a safe environment for transformation

Investment: $100 USD (2 hour session)

Love shared

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