Human Design Workshop

We were born from our Mothers & into this Earth without any manual, guidebook, or knowledge of how to navigate this complex, bizarre, and sometimes scary world. We go through our lives living the best we know how but often find ourselves in places, spaces, situations, and circumstances that aren’t deserving of our True Nature.

Now imagine a map was given to you at birth, which saves you from these undeserving experiences and only leads you to your True Nature – in authentic alignment with your Soul.

This map exists!

Taller de Lectura de Diseño Humano

Este Taller es para vos si sentís el llamdo de saber más sobre Diseño Humano para conocerte a vos mismo y a los que amás.

En estos dos encuentros de dos horas cada uno vamos a aprender cómo leer cualquier Diseño Humano y comenzar a jugar y experimentar

4 hs de Grabaciones Online

USD 45

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