Meditation One: Clearing your Aura

All is Energy and Energy is all there is. Being aware of how our electromagnetic field can be influenced by the Enviroment is crucial. Nature, Cities, Animals, Weather, Planet Transitions and People are constantely affecting and interacting with our own Energy. I created this Meditation specially for Projectors that have such a conditioning Aura type but it works for everyone who wants to clear and release Energy that is not Our. Enjoy!

Meditation two: Tiny Space of the Heart

 You have the answer
Because it is, it was and it will always be in your heart
Seeded, rooted and envisioned

But Why the Heart? Because at the beginning of our existence we were basically only a Heart Beating. And there was nothing but Oneness. Our body was developed in such a beautiful and Divine way. Cell by cell were forming from sphere to sphere perfectly shaped to create the Sacred geometry of a Seed of Life – 7 circles-. The seed of life keeps growing into the perfect form of what we know as the Flower of Life that contains every geometric form in the Universe. We were basically a blob that breathed. And for this Blob there was only one Reality. And everything was created from Singularity, from Love and Unity. At the beginning there was only a way to live: and that was directly connected to the way we Felt instead of the way we Think. Can you tell the difference? As soon as we developed the Mind, we also developed Duality. And this Duality brought separation and Polarity. When we create from the Mind, we Re-create Polarity: Love and Hate, Nice and Ugly, Unity and Separation, Good and Bad. But that never happens when creation comes from the root of our Hearts. So here I am. Offering you a way to Enter into your Heart so we can all start living from and inside our Hearts. So we can co-create a New Paradigm, a New Reality, a New Earth. To diminish Fear, Hatred, Separation and Darkness.

Thank you my life time teacher, lover and partner Martijn for introducing me this beautiful modality. We keep co creating Loving Awareness and offering our services together to Awaken Human Conciousness at Living in Mana

Activation: Sacred Matrix of Divne Flow

Me and my beloved Martijn were guided to offer the Sacred Matrix of Divine Flow Activation. Within this Matrix of Divine Flow are all of the elements of Oneness, God/ Goddess/ All That Is, these are:

Divine Love

Divine Grace

Surrender to Divine Will

Unity in Diversity

Divine Trust

All aspects of this Matrix of Divine Flow are represented by an Elohim. In this Activation we called in all of the individual Elohim’s to help us with healing, dispensations of our cells, to start spinning according to this Sacred Matrix of Divine Flow aspects.

We suggest for you to take 1,5 hours for this Sacred Activation, after doing this Activation once, the activation can become shorter. Just feel into your own sensory perception whether the Activation and dispensations are finished for you. Drink a lot of water or tea afterward, take a bath in Epsom salt, or any salty water which will help you

to integrate this powerful Activation.

We start the Activation by guiding people from the Luciferian polarized/ duality Flower of Life that we carry within our brain

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