4 week and 6 Live rendezvous

You are a Unique Expression of the Universe

A place for healing and falling in love with yourself

A space to reconnect with your inner essence, your soul purpose,
your highest potential and your unique way of being

An opportunity to explore layers of conditioning, limiting beliefs and patterns
that stop from shinning and expanding

A container created and designed to release everything you thought you were but you are not.
To gain clarity and confidence about your unique gifts and challenges

I call it Coming Back Home

What to expect

  • Lectures about Human Design. How to identify and deeply understand all 5 Energy Types, Strategies, Inner Authorities, Profiles and Energy Centers
  • Prompts that stimulate your subconscious beliefs and cultivate a stronger relationship with your intuition and Inner Truth
  • Kundalini activations to release hidden emotions, limiting beliefs and conditioning.  Exercises to embody your unique way to make decisions

How to expect it

This is a Four Week container specially designed to learn from the logical, physical and energetic bodies.

Every single soul is invited. I expect from you to commit for the entire program so you can receive the full download and experience

We are going to begin and close by creating a sacred and safe space to fully express yourself

Bring your notebook, journal and open mind


You came to Earth with a Navigation Map

And you probably have not been allowed to be living the fullest potential of yourself.

Human Design offers you a Soul Map to navigate everything that Life is.

The Activations will serve you as tools to let go of what holds you back

This Journey will begin on LIBRA NEW MOON on October 6th
To really set lot of intentions on finding Balance and Harmony in our Inner and Outer Worlds

October 6th:  New Moon Opening Circle ceremony
October 9th: 1st Container Episode
October 16th: 2nd Container Episode
October 20th: Full Moon ceremony
October 23rd: 3rd Container Episode
October 28th: 4th Container and Closing Circle


★ All videos and Episodes will be recorded for Replay


USD 111
*launching price

¨¨What is included:
6 Live Sessions with Sofia
Extra Meditations and Activations
Special discount on 1:1 sessions and readings

12 + 1 =

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