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Learning about Human Design is a wonderful opportunity to dive deeper into your awareness system. It allows you to ground yourself inside your body and to let yourself breakthrough from a model you don’t fit in

Now imagine a map was given to you at birth, which saves you from these undeserving experiences and only leads you to your True Nature – in authentic alignment with your Soul.

This map exists!

Human Design is a Soul Map that serves you as a guide along your Soul’s Journey so you may live in the authentic alignment of your uniqueness and embody every aspect of yourself. Living in Truth, Purpose, and Clarity.

Think about all those times you were put in a box and were conditioned to be someone you were not. We all have very different and unique “ways to operate” and Human Design shows you how to embody your uniqueness and make personal life decisions unapologetically.

Human Design is the Science of Being Present because it brings awareness moment by moment into your life in order to make decisions and to honor your real essence. You were imprinted with a specific Life Purpose and a unique way to operate and drive your own vehicle. This vehicle is the body and the driver is your Soul. Live life in alignment with your Soul’s Purpose.

I open only a few spots every year as I am focusing on my Trainings and 1:1 Mentorships.

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Hey, I'm Sofia

I am a Human Design mentor, a breathwork and meditation practitioner, a Kundalini Yoga teacher and a movement devotee.

I teach people how to align their frequency with their true Essence and embody their Highest Potential in Life

I believe my purpose is to raise human consciousness by connecting with the
power of Love

How can I help you?

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Sacral Power of the Feminine (Limited time offering)

Love shared

My first human design reading with Sofia was so special.
I have known her as an amazing yoga teacher for a long time and the human design readings seem to come to her just as easily.
I had so many questions and she answered all of them. It was truly insightful.
Thank you so much

Luka Hulbert

First of all I want to say I am grateful I meet you, you are an extraordinary person.
The human design reading made me see once again the journey I am called to have in my life. The journey I came here on Earth for.
I found myself reflected in all you told me, and I hope this energy will guide me further.
I will recommend you with all my hearth to the people that want to do the reading, you really have the gift to help.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Thank you my dear! It was an intense experience, and still is, even after weeks. It’s like a seed you plant and from there keeps growing, more time passes, more things sing in.
To myself it brought an immense clarity of what happened in my life and why. I can now, see that all the things that have been seen by others or even myself, the way my life was and decisions I took were in alignment with my human design and my reason to be here, on planet earth. This took a lot of weigh out of my shoulders and more love and appreciation for who and how I am and this is priceless!
If you are searching for a broader view regarding what is your soul purpose, I recommend you doing the reading it will answer lots of questions you maybe always had and for that I wish all of you had a Sofia to be with you in this process.
You must meet her, and you will feel what I am talking about.
Thank you beautiful human being
Adela Schiman

Sofia is a sensitive and experienced woman and her human design reading are accordingly helpful and loving it has helped me a lot to be able to deal better with moments in my current life situation. It also helped me to understand my daughter better
Human Design is a very helpful tool for dealing with myself and the people around me
Carla Zimmerman

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