Embrace Your Authentic Self and Unleash Your True Potential!

Claim Your Unique Path To Greater Freedom, Fulfillment And Purpose.

Hey, beautiful soul, this is Sofia.

I know you yearn for a life that truly lights you up, a life where you’re unapologetically you, living on your terms, and embracing your power.

What if I told you that you don’t have to struggle or push against the current anymore to have that fulfilling, magnetic, and hearty life?

Many of us women find ourselves in a masculine, highly conditioned world, trying to fit into a system that doesn’t honor our desires, dreams, and emotions.

The outside world may see a successful woman, but inside, there’s a lack of connection with our true selves, our real purpose, and our hearts.

Are you stuck in a loop of unfulfillment, feeling disconnected from your authentic self?

Purpose is a word that gets used alot these days, and it’s something that we all feel a sense of, deep down inside us.

But we live in a society that doesn’t teach us how to align with our true selves, or how to bring our unique gifts to the world.

We’re taught to fit in, to compare ourselves to others, and to live by society’s ‘cookie-cutter’ strategies for success (work hard, sacrifice, go after what you want, etc.)

But this isn’t what we’re all here to do, or be.

There is a unique path and a unique strategy for you.

Finding out what it is and living in alignment with it will bring you all the abundance, freedom and joy that you’ve always wanted.

Live life fully on purpose & empowered.

Discover the deep secrets of your Human Design.

Learn how to create life from a space of ease & flow.

Finally feel safe to be your authentic self.

A New Path to Your Empowered Self

Within this membership group, you will be guided on a journey to self-discovery and transformation. This is where you will reclaim your power, embody your authentic self, and start living a life that’s truly yours.

Human Design teachings delivered by Sofia

Specialised Human Design masterclasses for life

Guided meditations & practices on demand

Powerful embodiment practices for integration

Group coaching calls with Sofia for guidance

Be part of an engaged and uplifting peer group


Love, I am on a mission

And fully committed to see you growing, to hold you accountable, to encourage you to be more of yourself, to reflect your highest potential back to you, to help you to let go of your self-limitations.

I am on a mission to see the most EXPANSIVE, UNAPOLOGETIC, OUTRAGEOUS, INSPIRING version of yourself

We’re taught to fit in, to compare ourselves to others, and to live by society’s ‘cookie-cutter’ strategies for success (work hard, sacrifice, go after what you want, etc.)

But this isn’t what we’re all here to do or be.

There is a unique path and a unique strategy for you. And I can’t wait to take that journey with you.

And I am here for the ride

Are You Ready To Do Your Part Without The Stress & Struggle?

This program is designed to offer you a holistic, transformative journey that combines the power of human design, embodiment practices, mindset work, and community connection. This is not just information; it’s a transformational experience.

If you are…

Looking for a way to become more empowered in your personal or professional life.

Ready to know exactly who you’re here to be, and exactly how to live in alignment with that.

Open to receive a proven method for accessing your own unique superpowers, and ready to practice.

Committed to being on purpose & empowered in your life, whatever that looks like for you.

It’s Time To Embody Who You Are Truly Meant To Be.

This membership is so much more than just another group mentorship program.

It is a deep dive journey of discovery, into who you really are and why you’re here now.

And a proven process of empowerment, to let your unique essence as a creator shine.

The time is now.

Get ready for the Transformational Journey Of A Lifetime

Human Design – Coaching Support – Embodiment practises – Kundalini & Meditation

With a combination of live content calls, live coaching calls, intimate accountability pod peer groups, high-quality guided meditation audios, step-by-step reflection processes and targeted Kundalini practices..

A Letter From Your Facilitator


Hi dear,

This is Sofia, a curious reflector and intuitive soul by nature. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I spent my younger years constantly looking for opportunities to break through.

Deep in my heart I always knew that there was something besides the law and order of the society and that the Universe was as infinite as my entire self.

I studied medicine, physics, culinary arts and I could have become that successful young and citizen woman. But I decided to travel and to work on anything that would support my journey of discovery.

I learnt how to live from nothing and carry a small luggage with only the most essential stuff for years. I found friends, family and pets all around the world. I opened my Mind and my sensory system, my heart expanded from all the love I brought into my life and my perception about life and success shifted 180 degrees. 


I discovered the real meaning of unconditional love and gratitude while living in Polynesia.

But again, something was missing so I embarked without hesitating into a Bhakti journey. I immersed myself in Meditation, Yoga, Bodywork, Sound and Energy healing practices in India, Thailand, Singapore and Bali.

I have been studying Human Design to enforce all this knowledge. I realized that this is a one way ticket and inner work and inner healing became my daily routine.

I learnt how wonderful and essential it is to embrace our shadows, darkness and memories. My curiosity keeps drifting my attention to new techniques, modalities, sciences and knowledge.

My soul started claiming its purpose. I am here to serve humanity by serving you; by showing you the way to reconnect with your heart, and to live from love and release fear.

With love,
Sofia Mellano

Here’s what previous students say

How Does it All Work?

The Portal has been built on many years of Sofia’s working closely with people from all around the world, in live trainings & workshops, as well as private coaching.

Once you register, you’ll get access to all of the materials to be accessible 24/7 so you can study them in your own time. 

This includes guided meditations, kundalini practices, group explorations and personal reflection exercises, empowerment classes and so much more to support you to fully embody everything you’ll learn.

There will be a live call every week, alternating between live content and live coaching / Q&A calls.

The journey has been carefully designed to support you to not only learn these incredible insights, tools and practices, but to actually implement them into your life.

All of the tools, techniques and practices that you’ll learn will not only have a massive impact on you as you complete the course, they are designed to be tools you can ‘keep in your belt’, to use whenever you need them as you go about your life.

Here is a few things that The Portal will get you access to…

Aligned by Design

Embodied Business

Money by Design 

Sacral Power of the Feminine 

The Invitation Masterclass

The Empowered Woman

13 Human Design Types Workshops

Growth Oriented Community Access

Monthly Group Coaching Calls 

And much much more!


The World Needs Your Gifts.
It’s Up To YOU, To Discover Your Purpose And Empower Yourself To Live It.

The rate of change and transformation is accelerating.

Everywhere you look, people are beginning to wake up to a new reality.

And for those of us who feel a deep sense of purpose on the planet right now, we have been given unique gifts (and challenges) to help support this process of transformation.

But it’s not enough to just FEEL a sense of purpose anymore, or see that things COULD be better.

In this time of quickening, we need to step into the fullness of who we are here to be.

We need to have crystal clarity on what we are here to do, and feel fully empowered and supported to do it.

It may seem like a big task, but the good news is, you’re not alone.

And there is a pathway you can follow to discover and walk your unique soul path.

Here’s what you’re going to get within the Portal:

12 Live calls$3000 VALUE

Embodiment Practices Videos – $333 VALUE

Meditation Audios – $99 VALUE
Aligned By Human Design Course – $222 VALUE
Money by Design Course – $222 VALUE
Your Personal Human Design Type Mini Course – $22 VALUE
Telegram support – Priceless
30 min 1:1 Coaching Session with Sofia$250 VALUE

Total VALUE over $4,148! 

Join today for

just $99 per month!

or commit to 12 months of growth for $888.

Got a question we haven’t answered yet?

Please email me here and I’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.


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