The Sacral Woman


Juicier, Up-graded, Expanded 


Unleash your true feminine powers for effortless manifestation and abundant pleasure, and other secrets of your Sacral Centre


A Special Training For Generators & Manifesting Generators ONLY

Online Training

In-depth training on the proper cultivation of your natural sacral powers as a generator or manifesting generator.
And everything you didn’t know about it!


Hot seats, direct questions, full coaching about how to use your incredible sacral powers in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling burnt out.


Be guided through proven sacral practices to deepen your connection to your deep feminine powers and unlock your inner radiance and pleasure.

Having A Defined Sacral Center Is An Incredible Gift!

Learn How To Use This Gift For Greater Ease And Pleasure.

If you are a Generator or a Manifesting Generator, and you:

Want to learn how to navigate your Human Design Map

Feel disconnected from your body and your inner knowing

Are struggling with making decisions that feel fully aligned

Are feeling unsatisfied or frustrated with aspects of your life

Don’t feel confident about who you are and how to show up

Feel constantly burnt out and tired of ‘pushing’ yourself

Struggle to know how and when to say yes to the right things

Are feeling somehow disconnected from your pleasure

Struggle to listen to and fully trust your source of wisdom

This if for you, love

Just finished the first video – super grateful for the remembrance of the embodied practices & your clarity on generators. How to respond & reminds me that I have a magical precious gift  – and it’s up to me to give myself the YES or NO questions – (give myself things to respond too). When it’s a yes it’s super easy, when it’s a no – I usually pause to reflect – but that usually means no lol – I’m taking away the responsibility I have to stay devoted to my sacral, my authentic yes – and that what’s best for me is best for all. Excited for the next video


Thank you so much. I really enjoyed this course and the sacral practices. I will practice them everyday and the app is such a convenient way to stay connected to the practices 🙏✨🤍


Just finished the Sacral Workshop and just wanted to say thank you and that it was amazing, learnt a lot about MG energy and this powerful area. First exercise brought me tears… Seems to be so powerful to use the movements to come back to ourselves to make better choices and decisions


Why is it important to connect to your Sacral Center?

Now more than ever, we have lost touch with our own deeper, instinctual knowing as women

We tend to give, give, give, putting everyone else before ourselves. The result of this is feeling completely disconnected from the neck down because it is quite unproductive to “be in the body.”

Modern women are so often disconnected from their hearts and wombs and are constantly in their heads rationalizing, intellectualizing, strategizing and “being busy.”

Tapping the power of our pleasure and sexuality is the antidote to this conditioned state!

During these 4 immersive online sessions, you’ll learn the skills you need to fully empower your business, relationships, and life purpose with ease and grace


Basics of The Sacral Response, the needs of Generators and Manifesting Generators, the possible challenges, the right alignment, and Embodiment tools to connect with your Sacral.


You are NOT the same! Differences between Generators and Manifesting Generators. Also, the meaning of having a Sacral vs. an Emotional Inner Authority. We take you into a deep Sacral activation to intuitively feel into your own way to make decisions.


The secrets of the Sacral Center. How to Activate your Pleasure, Creativity and Excitement and learning to let go of the hustle and everything that sucks your energy away


The Wise Womb Woman: How to clear out, protect & redefine your connection with your WOMB -Your Sacral Core. And manifest from this powerful part of your body

Imagine how good it would
feel to…

♦ Embody your naturally Magnetic Energy
♦  Leverage the power of your energetics in every single aspect of your life
♦ Receive abundance with ease and pleasure
♦ Trust your intuition with confidence and clarity
♦ Manifest anything effortlessly from your feminine heart and womb
♦ Know your FULL BODY YESes and move with trust
♦  Honor you NOs and set boundaries
♦  Be the full expression of YOU
♦  Be empowered in your design

We see you, Woman! And we got you!

Your Sacral Center is POWER itself. You have been led to believe that it is your weakness when, in fact, it is your greatest gift.

Take that in dear, your PLEASURE is your greatest gift.

What if we lived in a world where pleasure was the remedy and connection was the priority?

You have the capacity to experience bliss at any moment. When we allow ourselves to open to the infinite possibility of pleasure, our lives become instantly more vibrant and joyful.

And it improves EVERY area of our lives. With this vibrancy we cultivate the power to manifest the life we dream of living.

Experience how consciously and intentionally adding more pleasure to your life is one of the most transformational and self-empowering practices you can do!

What you will take with you:

How to get out of your mind and into your body

How to listen to your body signs, specifically your womb and sexual organs

How to respond and make decision from your intuition

How to manifest as a Generator and Manifesting Generator

What a YES or NO feels like in your body

How to connect with pleasure without judgment, shame or guilt

How to say NO and create space for aligned opportunities

Tools to stay connected to your Sacral Center every day

Understanding of how to navigate decision making

Embodiment of your Human Design

Understanding of how to be a self activating, sexually empowered, sovereign women in charge of her life

Embody Your Sacral Power

One Year access 


Ready for more?


+ The Sacral Woman Training
+ 1 1:1 in-depth Coaching Sessions with Sofia -valued $444
+ Money By Design Training -valued $222
+ Voxer Support for 2 weeks 

$810+ $555

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