The First Non-Bootcamp Projector Training,

An online 4 week Spa Retreat for Projectors

Feel unrecognized and unseen in your wisdom and value

Are struggling with waiting for the invitation in any area of life

Are feeling impatient or bitter with aspects of your life

Don’t feel confident about who you are and how to show up

Feel tired of being often undervalued or of not being seen

Struggle to know which invitations to accept and when to say no

Are feeling somehow disconnected from your purpose

Struggle to listen to and fully trust your inner wisdom & knowing

Want to learn how to navigate these using your Human Design Map

You are invited to join us, love.

During 4 immersive online sessions, you’ll learn the strategies for a Life of Success, in your business, relationships, and life purpose.

Imagine how good it will feel to…

Embody your naturally Wise & Magnetic Leadership..

Receive abundance with ease and pleasure (without working like a generator)..

Be able to surrender into trust in the universe that the right invitations are coming..

Be able to lead people in awe of your unique genius, just by being your magnetic self..

Have easy confidence that you’re amazing as you absorb, alchemise and express yourself..

We see you, Projector! And we got you!

Projectors are here to help guide humanity into an entirely new and unimaginable future. Which can feel like an incredibly challenging task, until you master the art of following your strategy.

One of the most potent ways that Projectors are here to help shape our future is by redefining how we see the world, and help ease the transition between radically different levels of consciousness on a global scale.

By nature, Projectors see things differently. And this can be very challenging for other people!
But the way you SEE things is your greatest gift.

What would it feel like, if the world finally REALLY saw you, and the value you have to offer?

Success as projector is a natural thing when living aligned but a lack of external recognition can lead to the feeling of being misunderstood, unworthy and not inherently valuable. 

This can generate an over-eagerness or neediness for invitations (which is precisely what repels them). That over-eagerness for invitations comes from waiting to be externally recognized to feel whole. 

Delayering the unworthiness, the over-eagerness and the self-judgement woven into the nervous system offers the promise of accessing and reclaiming the unique magnetic projector Self. 

A projector in his or her full authenticity, self-expression and healthy obsession with their system is a naturally magnetic being. People can’t help but look and feel drawn into you and you’re built that way on purpose! 


This training will help you unravels those layers of conditioning at the nervous system level to self-recognize, trust yourself to follow your bliss and succeed. 


Release the conditioning that limits you, connect to your true self, and stop hiding your true self from others.


What You Will Learn

  • How to put yourself out there in the world, in a way that gets you seen
  • How to correctly tune into the invitations you receive, based on your authority
  • What’s occurring at the nervous system level when it comes to conditioning in your human design chart 

  • How to manifest as a Projector, so you can live a life of abundance & joy
  • How to speak your truth without the anxiety of feeling like you’ll be misunderstood
  • The philosophy of self-recognition and giving yourself the permission to be all that you are (weird / quirky / magnetic)

What You'll Take With You

  • Tools to bring you back to your center, and your power
  •  Awareness practices to become more conscious of your nervous system (Neural Awareness™) 

  • An understanding of how to navigate decision making
  • A more educated embodiment of your Human Design
  • Insights into your strategy that will relieve bitterness
  • A technique for cutting through conditioning and getting to the core of your balanced heart’s directives 


What You'll Leave Behind

  • Let go of having to DO in order to prove your value.
  • Leave behind the idea that you have to PUSH life.
  • Bury the notion that there might be something wrong with you.

How Does It Work?

This program will held Live and Online and has been organised into an immersive course, complete with exercises, practices, journaling prompts and more, to help you embody what you’ll learn.

You’ll also be part of an active online community portal, where you can ask any questions you might have about the course content, or being a projector in general, and connect with other projectors too.

All session will be recorded in case you can’t join us Live

Session 01. 


Reconnection to your Self Worth and Value as a Projector

21st September 12 pm EST

Session 02.


Releasing Neuro-States encoded in your body 

28th September 12 pm EST

Session 03.


Harmonizing with your natural way of being

5th October 12 pm EST

Session 04.


Supercharge your Aura &
Embody your Self Recognition

12th October 12 pm EST

The Magnetic Projector



+ The Magnetic Projector
+ 1 private in-depth Coaching Session with Sofia 
1 private in-depth Coaching Session with Will 


Your Facilitators

Will Deroode

(Projector 4/6 emotional authority)

Will is a Mentor and Guide to private clients as well as a teacher to coaches, therapists, practitioners and entrepreneurs. He is the Founder of the Neural Awareness™ Method which bridges Mindfulness and the Nervous System together. In his work he focuses on unlocking dormant pathways in the nervous system which lead to more of an embodied experience of ease, flow and bliss through awareness.


Sofia Mellano

Sofia (2/4 Reflector) is a Human Design mentor, Energy Bodywork practitioner, certified Hatha and Kundalini Yoga teacher, and an intuitive soul by nature.

She is passionate about teaching people how to raise their frequency, become more compassionate and feel more connected with their inner essence. 

She calls Human Design the “Soul’s Map” and uses it to help guide people to embody their unique blueprint with the ancient spiritual technologies of yoga, mantras and kriyas. 

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