Aligned by Human Design

4 Week Foundational Human Design Training

Learn how to live in alignment with your design to unlock your highest potential for abundance and purpose, and support others to do the same.

Live Online Training

In-depth training on all the different components of the Human Design system, with a special focus on the natural talents, gifts, communication and decision making strategies for each type.

Q&A Sessions

Get all your questions answered about how to show up as your most authentic self and engage with others in a way that honors and leverages both your design and their own.

Guide Others

Discover how to read and understand any chart, and learn how you can use this powerful system of self-understanding to support other people in their journey of growth and empowerment.

Unlock The Power Of Human Design! Early Bird Price

€888 $333

There Is A Unique Path And Strategy For Every Person. Learn How To Align With It To Unlock Your Highest Potential.

 If you:

Are feeling somehow disconnected from your purpose or your power

Want to learn how to manifest the life you want with Human Design

Want to learn how to guide people far more powerfully, in ways that feel good

Feel like you’re holding yourself back in life and don’t know how to break through

Don’t feel completely confident about who you are and how you show up

Feel tired of not understanding why other people do what they do in life

Want to learn how to read & understand any Human Design chart

Struggle to listen to and fully trust your inner guidance & make powerful decisions

Want to learn more about how you can best relate to (and work with) others

Then Aligned by Human Design is for you!

During 4 immersive online sessions, you’ll learn how to leverage Human Design, in your business, relationships, and life in general.

Imagine how good it will feel to…

Be able to completely understand someone’s needs & challenges..

Receive abundance with ease and pleasure (by operating in alignment)..

Have easy confidence in your ability to support others even more powerfully..

Be crystal clear about your purpose in life, and be able to show up unapologetically..

Only do the things you’re designed to do, and feel great about handing the rest over..

Human Design Is The ‘Soul Map’ You Can Use To Gracefully Navigate All Of Life’s Uncertainty And Complexity.

Human Design is a Soul Map that helps us navigate every single aspect of our lives. It gives you clarity on how you operate best, in your lifestyle, your career, and your relationships.

It explains why you love the things you love, why the environment you live in is so important, and offers you clarity and acceptance around your desires, your challenges and your purpose.

It also gives us deep insight into all the ways in which we are most susceptible to being ‘conditioned’ by other people and the world around us, and clarity on what to do about it.

This Soul Map is the foundation of ‘who you are’ and ‘what you are here to do’. Human Design shows us that everyone has a unique path, a unique way to make aligned decisions and create the life that we want to create. 


The more you get to know every single aspect of your Design, the closer you get to knowing yourself better, and the easier it becomes to release any judgments you have about yourself or any judgments you have about how you think you should be living your life. 

Human Design is a system that not only helps you to understand yourself in a deeper way, but also helps you to understand other people, and how we can collaborate and connect in a much more easeful, graceful and beautiful way.

Unlock The Power Of Human Design!

What you get

Why Is It So Important To Understand Human Design?

Because so many of us are feeling lost and confused..

But we don’t need to! Human Design offers us a complete understanding of who we are and why we’re here, and understanding it can set us free from doubt and confusion.
Life is full of challenges to overcome, and it’s hard enough as it is.

If we are confused about our purpose and second guessing ourselves at every turn..
.. it’s so. much. harder!

Understanding this system brings a sense of inner peace, because it helps us to know how to operate in alignment with our design.

And it’s especially important for anyone who works with other people, because different people need different kinds of support, and work best with different strategies.

Human Design makes it easy to support others more powerfully, with the correct guidance & strategies for them.

Release the conditioning that limits you, connect to your true self, and bring the full glory of your true self to the world.


(And help others do the same!)

What You Will Learn

  • The needs, challenges and gifts of every Human Design type
  • The correct strategies for working with each of the Inner Authorities
  • What each of the 6 profile lines mean, and how they impact our lives
  • How each of the types naturally manifest (because they’re all different)
  • How to deeply understand someone else before even speaking to them

What You'll Take With You

  • A comprehensive reference guide you can always refer back to
  • An understanding of how to support other people based on their design
  • A more educated embodiment of your own unique Human Design
  • Connection to a community of other people committed to self mastery

What You'll Leave Behind:

  • Any doubt and confusion about who you are here to be
  • Constant guesswork about how to support other people
  • Any lack of clarity about how Human Design can help us live more on purpose & empowered

What’s Covered Each Week?

This course is a comprehensive introduction into all the most important elements of Human Design, and we will cover something new each week.

The core content for each Live Session is:

Session 01.

Human Design Core Concepts

The 5 Energy Types (Part I)

Session 02.

The 5 Energy Types (Part II)

Session 03.

The 9 Energy Centers

Session 04.

The 6 Inner Authorities

Human Design Profiles

There will be an opportunity for live Q&A at the end of each session, and a place for questions, clarity and support inside of the membership platform you’ll be part of too.

Unlock The Power Of Human Design!

€888 $333

Your Facilitator


Sofia Mellano

Sofia (2/4 Reflector) is a Human Design mentor, Energy Bodywork practitioner, certified Hatha and Kundalini Yoga teacher, and an intuitive soul by nature.

She is passionate about teaching people how to raise their frequency, become more compassionate and feel more connected with their inner essence. 

She calls Human Design the “Soul’s Map” and uses it to help guide people to embody their unique blueprint with the ancient spiritual technologies of yoga, mantras and kriyas. 

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