On Purpose & Empowered

12 Week Transformational Mentorship

A 1:1 tailored & fully supported journey of self-discovery, self-healing & self-empowerment


Women heal among womenreyo ready to Claim it

If you are like me, you have been probably living in a hyper masculine, heart sucking, fearful and energy draining environment for way too long. We were taught to isolate ourselves, hide our emotions and stay quiet

If you are here, it is because you believe that a different life is possible. A life were women can drop in the feminine, follow their intuition, live through their gifts and genius, make peace with their shadows and walk alongside 

While everyone else is comparing themselves with other, feeling lack, pushing hard to be something else… we can tell a different story. We are meant to be doing this together! 

This is a container to feel safe to be EVERYTHING you are. A safe container to share your deepest vulnerable stories. A container to be held, support, heard and seen

This is a container to RISE EACHER OTHER UP

This is a journey of deep connection, love. Let’s do it

This is for the woman who…

  • Deeply desires to be turned on by life, her purpose & her being

  • Is not onger available to feeling unfulfilled, stuck or blocked in life. She wants to tell a different story


  • Has BIG DREAMS. And can’t wait to learn how to bring them into Reality


  • Knows she was made for MORE. And is ready to welcome and embody ALL of her magic


  • Is ready to fully step into her power, take a leap of faith, transcend the fears and limitations that are holding
    her back, have a life that feels aligned physically, energetically and emotionally


  • Wants to voice out their desires and be celebrated, supported & seen in the process
  • Is committed to do her inner work. Work on her self limitations, past stories & external conditioning


  • Is ready to move from survival into her juicy, powerful, delicious feminine Creativity


  • Wants to connect with other amazing women like her


  • Is open to receive guidance, tools, teachings & love. Tons of love

Come as you are


Do you feel like something is missing in your life, but you can’t quite put your finger on it?

Maybe you’ve been living a life that society told you to live. Maybe you’ve been putting everyone else’s needs before your own.

But what about your own needs and desires? What about your own calling?

It’s time to take a step back and reflect. What is your true calling? What is your purpose in this world?

Without following your true calling, you might feel like you’re just going through the motions. You might feel like you’re wasting your potential and not making the impact you could be making.

But it’s never too late to change that. It’s never too late to realign with your true nature and start living a fulfilling life.

It’s time to discover your true calling.


What if you could walk away with…

The confidence of being FULLY YOU, taking bold, inspiring, brave actions to fullfil the life of your dreams

An embodied understanding of your Human Design, so you can step fully into the strategy that’s right for you, and show up to your life as an overflowing vessel of goodness

An epic framework for dealing with your fears and limiting beliefs, that allows you to blast through any internal blocks and skyrocket your potentials

The freedom, peace  and excitement of being your most authentic self. Stop walking on egg shells, pleasing people, playing small and trying to be someone that you are not

 Clarity on your purpose, and a deep connection with your biggest WHY and drive in life

 My favorite embodiment practices, kundalini, meditation & breathwork. so you can alchemize EVERYTHING to the juiciest level

What to Expect?
I got you

Show me in!

  • 12 1:1 Zoom Calls

  • Your Own Embodiment practice

  • 12 week On Purpose & Empowered Program

  • Voxer Support

  • Access to some of my courses and trainings

Stories of Transformation



Human Design

Become an Energetic Match of the most empowered, extraordinary and authentic version of yourself. Get to fall in love with all of what you are.

Shadow work

Unleash, clear out and let go of everything that has been holding you back. Learn how to alchemize any emotion, memory & story. Turn your wounds into power


Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork practices to cecome the full embodiment of your new reality. Step into the new potential with courage, confidence & excitement.

Love, I am on a mission

And fully committed to see you growing, to hold you accountable, to encourage you to be more of yourself, to reflect your highest potential back to you, to help you to let go of your self-limitations

I am on a mission to see the most EXPANSIVE, UNAPOLOGETIC, OUTRAGEOUS, INSPIRING version of yourself

We’re taught to fit in, to compare ourselves to others, and to live by society’s ‘cookie-cutter’ strategies for success (work hard, sacrifice, go after what you want, etc.)

But this isn’t what we’re all here to do or be

There is a unique path and a unique strategy for you. And I can’t wait to take that journey with you

And I am here for the ride

Not your regular Human Design Mentor

This container is not about me vomiting information about Human Design for hours. This is where I bring in all the tools, resources -gate 60 hello- and practices that have been supported me in the last 5 years of my life to become the woman I am 

This is a program that I have been implement I am and to the clients for the last 3 years and have had mind-blowing results

This is where my knowledge about Human Design meets years of holistic life coaching, years of Meditation, Kundalini Yoga and Breathwork. Meets dozens of courses, trainings, workshops and retreats about self-healing, tantra, neurocosciense, shadow work, energy healing. Meets my gate 19, my reflector aura, my own life story. meets my passion for moving, dancing & enjoying life. Meets my own Journey to live on purpose & empowered

This is where I really give it ALL

This is where Human Design meets Embodiment

— ALCHEMICAL SUCCESS: A framework to gain crystal clarity on your purpose, your vision and you values to design and live a life of your dreams. Human design blueprint + high level transformational coaching

— SOMATICS & EMBODIMENT: Energetic tools to strengthen your magnetism, nervous system & body. Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork & many more juicy practices.

— NEURAL RE-PATTERNING: Leverage and transform the power of your mind. Mindset, limiting beliefs & neuro-somatic tools to completely reshape your subconscious patterns that keep you living from fear, scarcity & past stories

— FEMINE EMPOWEREMENT: Your ticket to freedom, pleasure, true empowerment, intuition & real flow. Shadow work alchemized into a blissful, turned on and expansive life


Are you ready to dive in?

How does freedom feel in your body?

How would your life look like
when you choose liberation, expansion & excitement?
When you chose YOU

What if you could create a life that is fully aligned with your heart desires, your own rules and your purpose?

How would it feel to live turned on by life -every single minute of it?

What about feeling bold, courageous and confident to claim everything you have ever wanted unapologetically?

Now imagine yourself surrounded by other magnetic, thrilled & empowered women like you? Rising, holding, laughing, crying, growing, expanding, moving, celebrating together.

I know, I feel the chills too!

Hi Love,

I am writing this while I sip in my Argentinian mate in my sweatpants as I look at the Tepozteco Mountains in Mexico at my sister’s house.

3 years ago, I was in this same house, in this same room, trying to get my life together. Dreaming about one day throwing my own retreats, mentoring people, public speaking, and holding healing ceremonies.

I dreamed of starting my own project but froze up every time I was about to take the plunge.

If you had asked me then, I would have never imagined that not only I would have achieved all of that, plus having my own business and a life full of freedom, joy, expansion and juiciness.

But, love, it did not always feel that way.

I faced moments of feeling drained, stuck, lost, and uninspired. I had moments of burning out, pushing, and feeling like I was swimming against the current in a pool of glue.

I was stuck in relationships that were depleting me emotionally, physically, energetically and spiritually. I completely lost my sense of purpose and mission in life. I abandoned myself, my dreams and I didn’t even believe in myself. The truth is; those times I didn’t choose myself.

What changed? I finally CHOSE MY SELF. No more giving my power away, no more living by other people’s rules, no more playing small.

If any of this resonates, I feel you. And you are not alone

Human Design awakened me in like… 2 hours. A 29 day cycle of the moon later -reflector authority- I was taking the biggest leap of faith, stepping into the unknown, excited and terrified at the same time. It has been the most rewarding, transformative & amazing journey ever.

I am fully committed to my purpose. I choose to live fulfilled, free, joyful and empowered. And I want that for you too.  I want to see you in your power, having a life of sovereignty, expansion and joy. Would you claim it?

Love, I have been cooking this Container for years. In my heart, in my mind, in my dreams, in my meditations, in my prayers.

A Space to connect with epic Women that are fully ready to CLAIM their Wildest, Boldest & Powerful Dreams. A Space where I can be Myself and YOU can show up as YOURSELF. And nothings less than that

How would it feel to be part of Journey of self-empowerement, self-transformation & self-growth? How would it feel to be held, supported, surronded and inspired by other beautiful and likeminded women? How would it feel to be in Connection with an epic community that are going through the same journey? What if you didn’t have to walk this path alone?

Take a breathe. Feel that in your Body. Now, Claim it

Welcome to On Purpose & Empowered, love. We got this

Got a question we haven’t answered yet?

I got you! Send me all your questions here 


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