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Hi dear

This is Sofia, a curious reflector and intuitive soul by nature. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I spent my younger years constantly looking for opportunity to break through. Deeply in my heart I always knew that there was something besides the law and order of the society and that the Universe was as infinite as my entire self.

Sofia-mellano-human-design-8I studied medicine, physics, culinary arts and I could have become that successful young and citizen woman. But I decided to travel and to work on anything it could afford my costs. I learnt how to live from nothing and carry a small luggage with only the most essential stuff for years. I made friends, family and pets all around the world. I opened my Mind and my sensory system, my heart expanded from all the love I brought into my life and my perception about life and success shifted 180 degrees. I discovered the real meaning of unconditional love and gratitude while living in Polynesia.

But again, something was missing so I embarked without hesitating into a Bhakti journey. I immersed myself in Meditation, Yoga, Bodywork, Sound and Energy healing practices in India, Thailand, Singapore and Bali.

I have been studying Human Design to enforce all the knowledge. I realized that this is a one way ticket and the moment you get you better brace yourself. Inner work and inner healing became my daily routine. I learnt how wonderful and essential is to brace our shadows, darkness and memories. My curiosity keeps drifting my attention to new techniques, modalities, sciences and knowledge.


My soul started claiming its purpose. I am here to serve humanity/you by showing you the way to reconnect with your heart, to live from love and release fear.

Let’s talk!

Hey, I’m Sofia

A lightworker guiding you back to your heart with Human Design readings, Bodywork sessions and embodying Vinyasa & Yin yoga.

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