What is my Strategy?

Diseño Humano, Human Design

Your Strategy in Human Design is basically your second step of this Transformation Journey – the first step was your Aura Type. Here is where you really get into the field of self-experimentation. Strategy is where your design begins and your manifestation occurs.

The way each person manifests their reality depends on their Type, Strategy, Inner Authority, Profile, Centers and planetary transits. Knowing your Strategy is crucial. So grab your chart and pay attention. And if you don’t have your chart yet… go here


Your Strategy is Wait to Respond. And…oh! I love this one because for you it is all about dancing with Life and letting Life come to you. You are like a magnet that is constantly attracting things, situations, opportunities, invitations, questions, inputs, stimuli. Your Open and Enveloping Aura is making sure that Life will come to you with so much ease and joy. Allow yourself to live in this Flow and be Receptive so then you will always be ready to respond to life.

When you receive a question: Is this something that I want to do? The answer will come from your Sacrum -Below your Belly, the Womb for women- that can be either a HELL YES or a HELL NO. The amount of life force you have as a generator will be localized on what you really want to do and feel the most satisfying.

Ok, a couple of examples here: To respond can mean everything from smelling coffee in the morning to accepting a job offer. Instead of trying to manifest or initiate things from nowhere -like Manifestors-, you want to wait for things to come to you so you can respond. These are your SIGNS. It can be an advertisement about changing your career. It can be a Sign “for Rent” on an empty store when you are looking to quit your office job and start teaching Yoga. It can be a new job offer. It can be the smell of a coffee when you wake up in the morning…”do I really want to have a coffee today?”. You wait for that Sign before taking Action.

  • You are scrolling on IG and see an advertisement about traveling around Asiam yous Sacral gets activated and starts making noises. “Ummm…Asia” Something occurs inside of you and you ask yourself: “Do I want to travel to Asia this summer?”. So here magic happens…you wait. You wait for the Response of your Sacral that will be either “Ahá” or “Ah-aá”. It is the true power and excitement of your Sacral telling you “YES PLEASE!” or “PLEASE DON’T”.
  • Your friend asks you if you want to have dinner with her. Ask your Sacral! The gut response will be the right answer
  • Your boss offers you an “amazing opportunity”…who knows! Maybe you don’t have the energy for it. Ask your Sacral.
  • You were thinking about getting a puppy. A couple of days later you find one on the street, then you can ask your Sacral: “Do I really want to have a Puppy?”. If the answer is no, please find a home for that little pup!

To Wrap it up: Flow is your Moto, my dear generator. Let life come to you. When do you feel called to change or take some action, can you wait for that sign? So you give your Sacral the opportunity to say Yes or No

Manifesting Generator

Oh, my lovely Multi Taskers!!! Your Strategy is: Wait to Respond and then Inform. Right! Because you are sweet hybrid between Generator and Manifestor. So you want to follow the Strategy above from the Generator but before taking action, you want to let people know.

So first of all, multitasking is your gift, congratulations! You are able to begin various projects at the same time and have them blowing around until you really want to finish at least one of these. This is how it works:

  1. You Wait for something to come to you. You check with your sacral. You start getting excited and creative. You might want to create a New Idea. Play around with it, feel it, sense it. Talk to your Sacral
  2. Cool, so your sacral was a HELL YES…this is when the Visualization begins. This new project, How would it look like? Can you let your imagination take you for a trip? Start creating it, baby steps here.Put it on the Universe and wait…
  3. Re-Check with your Sacral. Am I crazy? Do I really want to proceed with this? Maybe I need a new Sign or Input. At this point, your sacral will tell you again if this is something you want to put your energy on
  4. It was a YES. Wonderful! INFORM IT. Let us know about your next move. It is not about waiting for feedback or advice…just tell us so you can create space and we know what is coming next.
  5. Go for it!

To Wrap it up: Multitasking is your Moto, my dear manifesting generator. Be in the Flow of Creation, begin many projects and focus on those ones that your sacral is absolutely excited about. Tap and Untap with your Life force energy and keep people informed before your action



Hello, my wise angel! Your strategy is: Wait for the Invitation. And it is so simple and relaxing when you understand that all the wisdom you have, all you know about other people, all those amazing advice you have and want to share…they need to be asked for.  Let people know your interest, let them know that you are here, let them know that you would like that, or that you can help. And before acting, talking, communicating, going or doing…wait for that sweet invitation.

It can be someone asking you for a suggestion or a tip. It can be an invitation to a birthday party that you knew it existed but was not formally invited. It can be to be part of a new team, a new job offer. You can show interest and let them know you would like to be part of it, but before sharing something or taking action, you must wait to be invited and recognized.

To Wrap it up: Projectors love to be recognized. You will be recognized as you act upon an Invitation


Your Strategy is: To Inform! You are here to create an impact, right? And to be creating in your own mood and soup, without being disturbed or interrupted. You are a powerful catalyst and your actions will impact people around you. You are naturally initiating and bringing life into form, you don’t even have to try to.

So Why Informing? Because we want to see these initiations happen in such a graceful, peaceful and powerful way. When you let us know your next move, we will be prepared before the cake comes out of the oven. You are not informing those around you to receive advice or word back…remember! You are just informing us about your next move -unapollogetically.

These can be from leaving the room all of the sudden “for no reason”, moving to a different city, opening a store, letting people know you are busy and can’t talk to them right now, having a birthday celebration on your own…

To Wrap it up: Be in your own Creative Soup and before taking action..heads up!


You are a mystical and special being. You are deeply connected to the Moon. You Strategy is to wait for a moon Cycle. This sounds more romantic than what it actually means. Reflectors are very inconsistent beings, so making the right decision will be definitely affected by this wave. The Moon travels around different gates in your chart -those Numbers inside the centers- and every 12 hours will create a different definition for you. So every 29 days you experience Life in a very “consistent way” according to the Moon Transits. So, you need time. Especially if making big decisions in life, take at least 4 weeks before totally committing to something. Check what stays in and what you feel connected with.

This will give you a Foundation and confidence to navigate life with a lot more ease. You want to find those “things”, places, experiences and people that uplift you and make you feel supported. But also you want to stay in a flow of letting new things come into you so you can “sample” with your auric field. Also, talking to other people will help you to get more clear about it.

To Wrap it up: Reflectors need time, space and go for all their different “characters” to see how they resonate with one idea


Hey, I’m Sofia

A lightworker guiding you back to your heart with Human Design readings, Bodywork sessions and embodying Vinyasa & Yin yoga.

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