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I am a gifted Hermit

And you? Profiles are one of my favorite parts of Human Design.
I love to play around with people’s profiles. It says so much about them. This is like your personality or the way you play a role in life. Some people also use the call it “the costume you wear in life”….and yes! So truth. Profiles add definitely a lot of spiciness in your design and it is so important to understand.

As with everything in this system, my profile CONSTANTLY gives me so much awareness when I have to make decisions, communicate with other people, when I am facing some shadows or some resistance.

I have the Line 2 which it means that whatever I love doing comes very easy to me without the need of studying or going too deep – the gifted-. I love my cave -the hermit- where I can polish what a I love doing the most… the cavewoman I call it.

Profiles are a combination of two different numbers or lines -I have a 2/4 profile-. There are 12 different profiles and 6 different lines

If you have this line, you want to make sure you have a strong foundation in everything you do in Life. Studying more, reading a lot, getting to know your friends better, making sure your new home is the right fit… These are only examples of what line 1 craves: KNOWING

Line 2 people don’t need much foundation or external knowledge in life. Whatever they like doing, they will master it by self-learning process. It means that you are naturally gifted and it can become challenging for you to even see how gifted you are. Listen to other people talking about what you are good at

OH, you human! Just trying it all…all the time. Trial and Error are the words that describe your inner essence the best. No one can tell you to don’t touch the stove, you need to put your hand on it to KNOW that that burns. Your life is filled with experiences and you need to go through it all in order to see what serves you and what doesn’t. There are NO mistakes!

Go out! Find your network, your tribe, your community. Opportunities will naturally come to you as soon as you spend time to find the right fit and the right people. You will create an empire of success when your network is fully rooted around you. It literally means that the right people will provide opportunities and it will make your network to grow.

If you have this line, you need to acknowledge that you will be attracting people’s needs for help and support. People will see you as a source of Leadership and projections around what they need to do in order to… survive, evolve, change, grow, feel better, etc. Your line 5 craves projections and can feel that needs to be showing them what to do and how to do it all the time. Set boundaries but also realize that you don’t have all the answers.

You are a natural Role Model that it is evolving through the years. You just keep becoming wiser and wiser as you step into your full potential. There are 3 stages in Line 6:
1) Stage 1: Up to 30 years old or around. You live like line 3: Self experimenting everything and all. You want to have as many experiences and things to do as possible. You expand and contract and crave for life changing adventures
2) Stage 2: 30 to 50s. This is when you step back and observe whatever happened in the first stage. It is a much more passive lifestyle than the one before. You are integrating and sitting with it. Your wisdom comes from learning from others and creating perspective. This is why around 28-32 years old can be quite a challenging time for Line 6
3) Stage 3: After 50s will be the blossoming of your leadership. When you bring so much wisdom and experience and naturally drawn people into your field.
YOU DON’T need to wait until your 50s to have CLARITY. You are already a Role Model

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through the lenses of a Reflector.

Hey, I’m Sofia

A lightworker guiding you back to your heart with Human Design readings, Bodywork sessions and embodying Vinyasa & Yin yoga.

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