What IS YOUR AURA type?

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Your aura is your electromagnetic field around you that supports you, allows you to connect with the environment, takes and expels, absorbs the experience and exchanges energy. The mechanics of your aura is crucial to know, to honor and to be aware of.

Each different type of Energy of the Human Design System – Generators, Projectors, Manifestors and Reflectors- has a specific Type of Aura. At the end, this is what determinates how we behave and interact with the energy around us. Let’s make it easy: every time you meet someone or you pass close to someone your aura connects with that person’s aura. It really doesn’t matter if you exchange words or not. The actual exchange of energy happens naturally and automatically from aura to aura.

So basically your aura acts like an antenna receiving and expelling frequencies. And again, this will happen even if you not fully aware of it. This is why Auric cleaning and clearing daily exercises are so important.

I like to explain it as a cotton candy that surrounds your body. It should feel soft and comfy, delicious right? It is like a cocoon made of Neutrinos – an invisible sheet of invisible energy- and these neutrinos are interacting with the Neutrinos coming from the Planets, Nature, People, Animals, Food, Plants… and all that surrounds you.

Generators & Manifesting Generators

Your aura is like a Huge Teddy Bear. It was to hug and collect all the energy out and bring it in so you can attract opportunities/things/people in. You want to leave in a constant creative Flow and let things come to you so you can respond Yes or No to this new energy. You are OPEN to receive and ENVELOPING that energy around you. Your energy is all over the place sometimes, it can be so contagious!


Think about a huge camera lens zooming in – this is how your aura penetrates people’s auras around you. The mechanic of a projector aura is about focusing your attention on someone else. As you do this you connect Core to Core with that person. You get absorbed into their energy so you can See and Feel what they need. When the party is on, your aura is able to FOCUS one hundred percent on just only One person -regarding the outer circumstances. What a Gift!


You want to create an impact, right? So then it makes so much sense! Your aura is pushing other auras around you. It’s not about squeezing and being imperceptible. Whatever you express it has to have an impact and influence People. This is why when you come in and you initiate, we can feel it. We can sense the presence a manifestor, it is part of the mechanics. It also makes a lot of sense that this aura is closed. You want to protect your energy and make sure your decisions are not going to be influenced by others. Just a sweet reminder: You are not here to ask for permission!


Isn’t it sampling such a fun thing to do? You take a little bit of this and a little bit of that so you can choose what you really want. As Reflectors, we want to have a wider picture and test little pieces of it before committing our energy to it. You do the best when you flow into different environments and you “test”, “tap”, “try” or “bite” some of the different energies around you. This gives you a huge download of what works and what has to be improved or changed in this environment. Reflectors are like Teflon because it is very difficult for other people to penetrate or deeply connect with our energy -we are meant to be Mirrors!

Hey, I’m Sofia

A lightworker guiding you back to your heart with Human Design readings, Bodywork sessions and embodying Vinyasa & Yin yoga.

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